We are committed to being a leader in the legal community for sustainable business practices. Our goal is to lessen our impact on the environment through education and the implementation of sustainable practices in the workplace.

Inside Business Operations

Below is an outline of our current business operations that support our sustainability mandate.

We have an extensive recycling program. From paper to bottles to printer toners and batteries, our goal is to reduce our waste as much as possible.

We have selected a “green” carpet for which we received the “cool carpet certificate”. The result of this choice? 93 tons of carbon dioxide credits were permanently retired. For more information on cool carpet certification visit

Paper Reduction
Like most businesses, moving towards a truly paperless office is an ongoing challenge. We are continuing to research ways to cut down on our use of paper, including the development of electronic filing systems and a requirement that all internal memos be sent electronically. For more information on how businesses such as law firms can reduce paper consumption, visit

Electronic waste such as computer towers, screens and smartphone devices are a major contributing source of waste in landfills. We donate our used electronic equipment to Free Geek Vancouver. If you have electronic equipment that you would like to donate, visit

When dealing with suppliers, our policy is to consider their commitment to sustainability and the environmental impact of the purchasing decisions we make.  Wherever possible, we purchase goods that have been made from recycled sources. When hiring caterers, we prefer businesses that offer local, organic and fair-trade items, as well as group-sized portions to reduce individual packaging waste. When it comes to purchasing promotional items and gifts for our clients and staff, we focus on supporting local products and businesses as a means of contributing to the B.C. economy, as well as reducing pollution caused by the transportation of goods.

Eager to do our part to reduce emissions, we encourage our staff to ride their bike to work. Within our building we have a secure bike storage facility and our office has private refresh facilities complete with showers.

In celebration of Clean Air Day, we have participated in the Commuter Challenge and Bike to Work Week. The purpose of these events is to get as many people as possible across Canada to commute to work using sustainable modes of transportation such as walking, cycling, public transit and carpooling. Visit and for more information on Canada’s sustainable commuting programs.

Our Sustainability Program is an ongoing endeavour. If you have ideas, suggestions, or feedback on how we can improve our program, please let us know.