Firm History

It is widely accepted that the firm was founded in 1973 through the merger of Robson, Alexander + Guest and McLachlan Holburn + Beaudin. However, to accurately define the age of the firm, it is appropriate to note that the firm of Robson + McDonald was founded in 1948.

With roots running to the 1940s, our firm has accumulated its share of stories. The following is a story featuring one of the founding members of our firm, Ernie Alexander, on the occasion of a little incident involving airplanes, warships, the Lions Gate Bridge and the importance of accurate communication.

The Letter of the Law

Ernie Alexander carried a reputation far beyond his remarkable legal career. Not only was he a successful lawyer, he was also an educator, pilot, valued counsellor, Commanding Officer in the Royal Canadian Air Force and a man with a unique sense of humour. In 1940, he joined the R.C.A.F. and had a legendary career as a pilot and leader of the R.C.A.F. 442 Reserve Squadron.

The most memorable occasion Ernie is known for occurred when his commander ordered him to “escort visiting foreign warships beneath the Lions Gate Bridge”. Even though he was aware that aircrafts were not permitted to fly below the bridge, Ernie directed three jet fighters to fly behind the warships underneath the bridge. When Ernie was called to account for breaching regulations, he cleverly pointed out that he had only been obeying orders. He had been ordered to escort the USS Constitution beneath the Lions Gate Bridge and that was precisely what he had done.