The ARC Group Canada presents: 2016 Annual Seminar + Cocktail Event

On Thursday, June 2, The ARC Group’s Annual Seminar + Cocktail Event will tackle the question of who is at risk in a world where technology is ahead of regulation. Join lawyers and a panel of distinguished experts while they discuss how regulators, policy makers, insurers and the public can ensure their interests are safeguarded from unintended consequences of new technologies. Hollis Bromley, who sits on the executive of The ARC Group Canada, will be attending the event in Toronto. Alexander Holburn is one of eight firms that are part of The ARC Group Canada, a network of independent law firms across Canada that have come together to provide insurers and self-insured companies with insurance and risk-related legal services. If you are interested in attending this event, please contact Hollis Bromley for more details and to register.