AHBL Provides Underprivileged Children With Summer Camp Opportunities

This year marks the 5th consecutive year of our involvement with Elks Recreational Children’s Camp Society of BC. The British Columbia Elks Association is a non-profit, volunteer based organization that fundraises for charitable purposes throughout British Columbia. Since its inception in 1975, the Elks Recreational Children’s Camp Society has provided camping experiences for underprivileged, handicapped, and special needs children who would not otherwise be able to attend summer camp. Our commitment to this organization enables four children from the Greater Vancouver region to attend camp for 5 days. Children who attend these camps are given the opportunity to promote their mental, spiritual, and physical development, with specific activities that include planting and gardening, swimming, and campfires. According to a recent Canadian study conducted by the University of Waterloo, 69% of children who attend a provincially accredited camp experience positive growth in the area of emotional intelligence, which is an essential component of the maturation process. For more information, visit the BC Elks Association webpage here.