Who’s tough? Alexander Holburn’s tough!

The Tough Mudder event has over 1.5 million participants across 3 continents, and consists of a team-oriented 18-20 km obstacle course designed to test your physical strength and mental stamina. We wish our 2015 “All Hell” AHBL Tough Mudder team luck and success during this race being held on June 20th, in Whistler, B.C. The team consists of: Barbara Devlin, Loren Mallett, Ingrid Tsui, Matt Heemskerk, Derek Frenette, George Lo, Zach Rogers, Sean Barnwell, Phil King, Sarah Raggett, Patrick Chua, Veronica Heckel, Kathryn Williamson, Jeff Ramkellawan, Dalt McCarthy, LeiLani Hamilton, Herman Wong and Brent Collister.