Injury Assessment

Team Leader

Barbara Devlin

Our Role

The assessment of injuries is frequently a key component of a legal claim that can affect both the value of the claim as well as the liability for damages. As such, injury assessments are often strongly disputed between the parties. Our practice groups have the benefit of access to a team of lawyers who have previously worked in the health field and bring this practical medical experience to bear for our clients.

Barbara Devlin and Darcie Laurient each worked as physiotherapists prior to pursuing careers in law. This combined experience in both the healthcare and legal fields has enabled them to hone in on specific medical facts that are central to the legal issues in dispute, such as recognizing situations where there was an inconsistency between the alleged cause or mechanism of injury and the patient’s medical records, or between the plaintiff’s claimed condition and their physical capabilities. In addition, their familiarity with the nuances of health care providers’ clinical notes has helped advance our clients’ cases by identifying relevant pre-accident symptoms or pre-existing conditions that affect decisions about liability for claimed injuries.

Team Members

Barbara Devlin
Darcie Laurient