Legal Links


Please see below links to various national and international legal resources and websites, which you may find useful.

General Legal Links

Two wide-ranging sites that contain many useful links are:
Courthouse Libraries BC and Continuing Legal Education of B.C.

Canadian Legislation

Statutes of Canada – The Federal Department of Justice maintains this site, which provides the current version of the Statutes of Canada, including R.S.C. 1985, and S.C. 1985-present.

Canada (Federal) Regulations – This is the Department of Justice site providing access to the federal regulations (C.R.C. 1978 and amendments).

Statutes of British Columbia – Legislative Assembly of British Columbia. This is the official site for the B.C. Legislative Assembly. It provides access to the 1996 Revised Statutes of B.C., and current statutes, as well as related matters.

Canadian Case Law

Supreme Court of Canada – This is the official site of the Supreme Court of Canada. It contains links to judgments rendered by the Court and judgments in applications for leave to appeal.

British Columbia Court of Appeal – This link takes you to the official site for the B. C. Court of Appeal. It is part of the B.C. Courts Home page.

British Columbia Supreme Court – This link takes you to the official site for the B.C. Supreme Court. It is the other component of the official B.C. Courts site.

British Columbia Provincial Court – This link takes you to the official site for the B.C. Provincial Court.

American Legal Sites

There are a large number of sites that provide access to American legal materials. One useful site is:

FindLaw – This site contains international and U.S. legal materials.

British + Irish Legal Sites

British and Irish Legal Information Institute – This is a site providing access to British and Irish materials. BAILII includes U.K. House of Lords judgments, Court of Appeal judgments, and judgments from Courts in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Ireland. Legislation is also available.

Australasian Legal Site

Australian Legal Information Institute – This is the site for AUSTLII, the Australian Legal Information Institute.

Other International Legal Information

There are countless sites providing access to international legal information. Two helpful linking sites are provided below.

Heiros Gamos – This site contains links to many international legal sites.