2020 Difference Makers: Celebrating Christine York and the BeaYOUtiful Foundation

In recognition of International Women’s Day on March 8, Alexander Holburn historically highlighted members of our firm as Difference Makers. These individuals are acknowledged for their dedication to shining a light on women’s issues, giving back to the community, going above and beyond to support women’s issues, or helping to accelerate gender equality. This year, we are extending this award to not only a member of our firm, but also a client. We are very excited to announce Christine York, Director of Associate and Student Programs, and Taylor Hui, Iryna Kayda, and Kate Stafford, founders of the BeaYOUtiful Foundation, as our 2020 Difference Makers.

Christine York, Partner, Director of Associate + Student Programs

Christine York is a Partner, longstanding member of Alexander Holburn’s Women’s Forum, and the Director of Associate and Student Programs. Christine oversees the firm’s recruitment, training, professional development and mentor ship of associates and students. While Christine devotes 100% of her work time to the associate and student development role here at our firm, she also dedicates considerable time to mentoring and supporting law students throughout the province and across Canada. Christine is, first and foremost, the face of our firm, and a friendly face at that. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and anyone who has attended a call ceremony at our office can attest to how much she cares about our associates and students. What many may not know is that Christine stays in touch with the students and associates she has met long after the recruitment cycle and articling year is over. What many may not be surprised to know is that many students and associates stay in touch with her as well. She is a unique and special guide to those beginning their legal careers, and a mentor to women within the corners of our firm and outside of our walls.

Taylor Hui, Iryna Kayda, and Kate Stafford, Founders of the BeaYOUtiful Foundation

BeaYOUtiful Foundation is a registered charity that promotes the education and well-being of young girls by funding and facilitating educational programs that teach nutrition, healthy body image, confidence, self-esteem, building resilience, critical thinking skills and leadership skills. Reaching out to young girls between the ages of 8-14, their outreach programs provide a safe and empowering environment that encourage girls to learn about confidence and develop a better understanding of their self-worth. BeaYOUtiful implements programs at recreation centres, community facilities, and elementary schools, offering both after-school programming and evening classes. To date, the BeaYOUtiful Organization has positively impacted over 500 girls across British Columbia.

Taylor Hui, CEO and Founder, started the BeaYOUtiful program with a specific goal set in-line; to have a girl look in the mirror, and feel beautiful. Kate Stafford, Board of Director, is a dietetics student at the University of British Columbia who has a passion for supporting others in developing a healthy relationship with food and positive body image. Iryna Kayda, Board of Director, is currently in her final year completing a Bachelor of Science with a Biology major at the University of British Columbia, and is pursuing her passion of pediatric health research by working with BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute.


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