Canada is a global leader in health care and—since the time of Tommy Douglas—deeply committed to ensuring public access. At the federal level, government spending on health care exceeds 10% of GDP while in British Columbia it is one of our fastest growing industries. An aging population and emerging technologies will lead to new challenges and opportunities for health care providers, professionals, and insurers. As a multi-service firm, Alexander Holburn is well situated to provide comprehensive legal services for this dynamic and vital industry.

Our Health Care Team provides a comprehensive range of legal services. We partner with health care organizations large and small to provide timely, practical advice in matters relating to governance, contractual guidance, and real estate. We work closely with both organizations and individuals to provide sound legal advice regarding the legal obligations that pertain to the care and wellbeing of patients. We are honoured to act for health authorities, hospitals, and nurses. We also represent healthcare professionals such as acupuncturists, massage therapists, and pharmacists, through insurers.

Our health care clients have broad needs across numerous areas of law. To provide exceptional, solutions-oriented service, our Health Care Team brings together lawyers in specialized areas of law such as insurance, employment, and contract law. We take every step to help our clients avoid unnecessary risks and to protect themselves from litigation.

However, in an area as complex as health care, disputes can and do arise. We have the experience to act for our clients best interests in mediation, arbitration, and before the court, as needed. If it should come to trial, we draw upon a network of experts to ensure that we make the strongest case possible on behalf of our clients.

Lawyers in our Health Care Team have extensive experience with the unique goals and considerations of this field. Catherine Woods, QC, is one of the leading lawyers in medical malpractice in Canada. Numerous leading directories—including Best Lawyers in Canada, Lexpert, and Benchmark Litigation—have recognized Catherine for her skill in this area.

Members of our Health Care Team have backgrounds in occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and nursing. Our lawyers serve as members of the Medical Legal Society and the Canadian Bar Association (CBA) Health Law Subsection.  As a firm, and as a rule, we are committed to the sharing of knowledge: to that end, we regularly provide seminars to industry leaders and to clients and write papers on legal issues impacting the health care industry.