Life and Disability Insurers face a variety of issues that are unique to this area. We have decades of experience acting for life insurance companies, health and welfare trusts and health benefit societies. We can assist you with everything from policy wording to appellate advocacy.

Our Expertise

We have a broad range of experience in the area of Life & Disability insurance. Our lawyers have argued at every level of court in Canada. The mainstay of our work is defending life and disability claims. In addition, we are proud to have developed relationships and become a trusted legal and educational resources for underwriters, claims representatives and in-house counsel.

Our Services

The Life & Disability Practice Group offers a variety of litigation and other services to insurers including:

  • Defence of life and disability claims
  • Bad Faith Claims
  • Aggravated Damage Claims
  • Mediation
  • Advice on subrogation/reimbursement
  • Advice on policy wording/drafting
  • Advice on proper handling of competing claims (life)
  • Privacy Complaints
  • Administrative Services Contracts
  • Reinsurance Treaties
  • Judicial reviews and appellate proceedings

Industry Involvement

Our lawyers are actively involved in a number of industry associations including:

Networks + Affiliations

If you require advice on a jurisdiction outside of British Columbia or Ontario, we can call upon the expertise of our various networks and affiliations.

Through our membership in the ARC Group Canada Inc., we provide insurers and self-insured companies with insurance and risk-related legal services across Canada. This membership also includes an affiliation with Legalign Global, a network of four of the world’s leading insurance law firms. Through this network, we can respond directly and effectively to any global insurance claim.