The world is continuing to discover that Canada is an outstanding destination. In British Columbia and Ontario, tourism and hospitality are leading sectors, generating billions in revenues and significant economic benefits to both our biggest cities and our most scarcely populated regions. In Vancouver and Toronto, opportunities abound, with many international brands finding the market highly receptive to their offerings. The Hospitality Team at Alexander Holburn has an in-depth understanding of this industry and the challenges entrepreneurs face.

Our offering is simple but comprehensive—we pair industry understanding with a tailored approach to deliver solutions-orientated legal advice. Our lawyers work closely with restaurateurs, franchisors, hoteliers, and family-run establishments to help them overcome the most significant obstacles to their growth. For many Vancouver and Toronto businesses, some of the most significant challenges involve rent costs and staffing issues. While we can’t change the Vancouver or Toronto rental markets, we can help you with structuring and managing your business, and with effectively negotiating a lease or buying land. Our labour and employment lawyers are well placed to help you navigate any employment-related legal issues that might arise in the course of operations.

If you are looking to grow your business through M&A transactions or through franchising, our knowledgeable lawyers can help you scale your enterprise. We also guide clients through the trademarking process, to ensure the protection of valuable brands. Clients considering selling their business can also benefit from our insight and extensive experience in the hospitality industry.