The Canadian economy is undergoing a digital transformation—technological innovation is disrupting established business practices across every industry, driving economic growth, and paving the way for our nation’s future prosperity. Incumbents are developing systems to augment their market position, while midsize businesses and institutions look to leading vendors to provide cost-effective solutions. Meanwhile, start-ups are mining new avenues of opportunity. To succeed in this dynamic and competitive sector, businesses need an experienced law firm that understands their core business objectives, the regulatory environment, and the rational for organizational evolution. That firm is Alexander Holburn.

The Technology lawyers at Alexander Holburn partner closely with tech companies and with businesses looking to purchase technology-related products and services. Our clients include software as a service (SaaS) vendors, application developers, and institutional clients acquiring and implementing information technology services. Anchored in our experience advising a diverse range of industry participants, we deliver solutions-orientated, practical counsel.

We provide a wide range of legal services to our clients throughout their project life cycle. We advise both vendors and purchasers in strategy and contract negotiation regarding information technology service agreements. We work closely with start-up ventures: advising on founder control, shareholder agreements, employment and consulting agreements, NDA’s, and development agreements.

While technology may be developing quickly, we’ve found that remaining true to our core values of client-service, partnership, and cost-efficiency, has allowed us to provide clients with practical, value-added legal advice.