Alexander Holburn is committed to providing our lawyers and staff, as well as our clients, with the continued education and professional development necessary for success.

We have developed two distinct programs which provide a diverse range of educational initiatives for our staff and for our clients. Together, they represent our commitment to providing knowledge, education and professional development to our clients and our lawyers and staff.

ASCEND™ Training Program

Professional development and continuing education drive our success: having knowledgeable lawyers and staff leads to greater job satisfaction, organizational loyalty and, ultimately, superior client service.

This is where our multi-faceted and innovative training program, ASCEND™, comes in. ASCEND™ equips our lawyers, students and staff with the skills necessary to keep Alexander Holburn at the forefront of legal service delivery.

Staff at all levels of the firm reap the benefits of this inclusive program, which offers more than 100 legal, technological, business development, office and personal skills training opportunities annually. We strongly encourage course attendance, regularly request feedback on programs and seek input on new program ideas to keep them relevant and interesting. The program’s training opportunities are diverse. Therefore, we use both external and internal facilitators, depending on the topic.

Our goal is twofold – to foster a culture of constant learning and to keep Alexander Holburn ahead of the curve by providing training unrivalled in the British Columbia and Ontario legal marketplaces. ASCEND™ embodies our commitment to our people and to our clients, who expect the best from Alexander Holburn.

For more information about ASCEND™ please contact Partner, Director of Associate and Student Programs, Christine York.

FOCUS™ Client Education Program

As part of our commitment to providing value-added services for our clients, Alexander Holburn has developed its FOCUS education program. We understand how difficult it is to stay abreast of an ever-changing legal landscape. With this in mind, our FOCUS™ educational seminars and webinars are centred on the topics and issues our clients tackle day-to-day. Our seminars are led by our lawyers, as well as by industry experts who speak to topics that affect you and your business. For your convenience, we offer these seminars by way of lunch time learning sessions at Alexander Holburn’s offices, as well as recorded webinars available through our website. For a list of upcoming seminars, click here.

For more information about FOCUS™, or if there is a topic you’d like us to explore, please contact our Director, Marketing + Business Development, Sarah Kuchka.