Canadian employers are required to participate in the workers compensation benefits system and to ensure a safe workplace in compliance with the requirements of the BC Workers Compensation Act, the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and the provisions of the Canada Labour Code. Companies need a legal team that combines legal knowledge and experience to assist you.

Our Expertise

We provide advice on workplace safety compliance. Our experience includes:

  • Responding to Inspection Reports
  • Compliance with occupational health and safety regulations
  • Discriminatory action complaints
  • Employee disability and safety-sensitive positions
  • Anti-bullying and harassment policies and compliance
  • Fitness for duty and non-impairment policies
  • Certificate of Recognition Program rules
  • Benefits and disability awards
  • Worker and independent contractor status
  • Workplace investigations
  • Responding to workplace injuries or fatalities
  • Enforcement, fines and penalties
  • Reviews and appeals to WCAT

Our clients represent British Columbia and Ontario’s major industries including forestry and logging, mining, oil and gas refining and distribution, transportation, agriculture, manufacturing and construction. We also represent clients in the aviation, railway, marine, health care, technology, insurance, non-profit, financial and real estate sectors.

Our Services

Our lawyers are experienced in providing clients with advice on occupational health and safety compliance, under both British Columbia’s Workers Compensation Act and the federal Canada Labour Code. The breadth of our client base gives us insight into a range of industries.

We routinely assist clients responding to injury claims, worker or contractor assessment and compliance matters. We provide assistance in the event of a workplace accident or fatality and in dealing with Inspection Reports and orders, fines and penalties, as well as pursuing appeals through the Review Division and the Workers Compensation Appeal Tribunal process where necessary. We also represent our clients before the courts in judicial review matters.

Our experience allows us to assist clients in dealing with health and safety issues arising in both office and industrial settings, including such matters as fitness for work determinations, accommodation of disabilities and drug and alcohol use.