Generally, we hire six summer students every year. We have now hired all of our summer students for 2020 and anticipate hiring summer students in 2021 in accordance with the Vancouver Bar Association Guidelines. Due to the issues surrounding the pandemic, the summer student recruiting period has been moved to early 2021. The deadline for summer student applications is January 20, 2021. On campus interviews (“OCIs”) will occur from early to mid-February 2021, and will largely be conducted remotely through video technology. We plan to participate in these for most schools. Interview Week starts March 8, 2021.  We are hopeful that those interviews will be conducted in person but we recognize that may not be possible for some or all; we will be flexible, evaluating the circumstances as we get closer to those dates.

To apply for our summer student program, please send your cover letter, resume, a copy of your law school transcript and your undergraduate marks to the attention of Christine York, Director of Associate and Student Programs. We appreciate when students provide a weighted GPA for each year of law school, should it not be provided in the transcripts, to the extent it is possible and available. Please provide an “unofficial transcript” of the first semester of 2L, if an official version is unavailable when you apply. You may also include reference letters, and a list of law courses you intend to take, although these are not required.

Applications can be submitted through the online portal,, or by mail or e-mail.