Generally, we hire six summer students every year.

We will be hiring 2022 summer students in accordance with the Vancouver Bar Association Guidelines. The deadline for summer student applications is September 1, 2021. On campus interviews (“OCIs”) will occur throughout September and will be conducted remotely through video technology.  Please speak with your Career Services Officer to determine the OCI date for your school.  We plan to participate in OCIs for virtually all Canadian schools. Interview Week starts October 25, 2021.  We currently expect that those interviews will also be conducted remotely, through video technology.

To apply for our summer student program, please send your cover letter, resume, a copy of your law school transcript and your undergraduate marks to the attention of Christine York, Director of Associate + Student Programs.  You may also include reference letters, and a list of law courses you intend to take, although these are not required.

Applications can be submitted through the online portal,, or by mail or e-mail.