Human rights law offers protection against unlawful discrimination. Our lawyers have the sensitivity, skill, experience and diligence needed to both pursue and defend human rights claims with the care and attention they deserve.

Our Expertise

We pride ourselves on providing clients with timely, strategic and sensitive advice in a manner that addresses each client’s unique circumstances. Our experience includes:

  • Litigating claims of discrimination involving employment, services or tenancy before the British Columbia, Yukon and Canadian Human Rights commissions and tribunals
  • Residential housing matters, including evictions, residential tenancy and strata by-law compliance
  • Service-providers including hotels and businesses
  • Family status discrimination
  • Duty to accommodate compliance
  • Handling workplace investigations
  • Drafting and implementing anti-discrimination (ie. bullying, harassment or sexual misconduct) policies
  • Training employees and staff
  • Disability-related complaints
  • Administrative law, including judicial review

We represent private individuals as well as employers, service providers, companies, landlords and stratas. Recognizing the unique needs of every client, our human rights lawyers are dedicated to finding smart, creative and timely solutions to your issues.

Our Services

When sensitive human rights and disability issues arise, we can help. Our legal team has a strong background in both bringing and defending human rights claims. When you have been discriminated against, we can help you commence a human rights complaint and represent you before the appropriate human rights commissions and tribunals.

We also have extensive experience defending human rights complaints in all contexts, including in the workplace, tenancy and housing, and the provision of services. If complaints do arise, we are experienced in defending claims before the British Columbia, Yukon and Canadian Human Rights Commissions and Tribunals. We can assess your policies and practices to ensure compliance with human rights laws, conduct investigations into allegations and assist with retraining and educating your employees to avoid future complaints of unlawful discrimination.

In all cases, we have the experience, knowledge and care to help you manage your human rights complaint before the Commissions or Tribunals, or an appeal and judicial review at all levels of court.