Our Expertise

We represent insurers and the many different types of professional organizations and individuals affected by a professional liability claim including insurance agents and brokers, real estate appraisers, architects, investment bankers, asset managers, lawyers, media personnel, physicians, engineers, stockbrokers, lawyers, accountants, financial planners and real estate agents.

We have a large construction and environmental law practice that specializes in defending all types of professionals in the construction industry including architects, engineers for geotechnical, mechanical and structural errors and omissions claims involving infrastructure, commercial and residential construction, as well as oil and gas projects, pipelines, and hydroelectric dams.

We also act for many municipalities and their municipal employees including engineers and building inspectors throughout British Columbia and in Alberta for construction-related litigation. We act for police departments and their officers, fire departments and their fire fighters and we defend municipal administrators and elected officials (construction/property development litigation, negligence, use of force, wrongful detention, Charter breaches, defamation and class actions).

We have a robust Health Care practice that has extensive experience defending hospitals, doctors, nurses, acupuncturists, chiropractors and midwives in medical malpractice claims, particularly obstetrical and serious brain injury claims, as well as advising hospitals on consent to treatment and withdrawal of life support.

We represent media clients and defend publishers, producers and news reporters in defamation and privacy breach claims. We defend universities, colleges, school districts and their professors, administrators and teachers in defamation, negligence and sexual assault claims. We also act for coaches and fitness trainers in sports related claims.

Our Services

In addition to handling these types of claims in all levels of court, our services include representing professionals in the defence of disciplinary proceedings before their respective institutes, associations and colleges, and advising professional and regulatory bodies with respect to investigatory and disciplinary proceedings including accountants, pharmacists and physiotherapists.

Industry Involvement

Our lawyers are actively involved in a number of industry associations including:

Networks + Affiliations

If you require advice on a jurisdiction outside of British Columbia or Ontario, we can call upon the expertise of our various networks and affiliations.

Through our membership in the ARC Group Canada Inc., we provide insurers and self-insured companies with insurance and risk-related legal services across Canada. This membership also includes an affiliation with Legalign Global, a network of four of the world’s leading insurance law firms. Through this network, we can respond directly and effectively to any global insurance claim.