2020 Endeavour Award Goes to Angela Cusano

Endeavour Award Alexander Holburn Staff Appreciation

Congratulations to Angela Cusano for winning the first Endeavour Award of 2020! This award recognizes outstanding employees who go above and beyond their daily responsibilities for the betterment of the firm. The word endeavour means to exert oneself; to do or effect something; make an effort; or strive.

As the Trust Accounting Assistant at the firm, Angela is focused, receptive, bright and easy to talk to. She always has a great attitude and is a beacon of positivity in the Accounting Department. Angela is responsive to her peers and goes above and beyond to help those who are in need. In the best of times, Angela is dependable, patient and thorough. In these current times since the firm moved on to working remotely in response to COVID-19, Angela has been integral to ensuring the accounting department run smoothly. We are grateful for Angela’s many contributions to Alexander Holburn and are more than happy to celebrate her with this award.

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