Congratulations to the 2021 Endeavour Award Winners: Medea Augustine, Annette Leung and Dianne Ygbuhay

Endeavour Award 2021

Congratulations to Medea Augustine, Annette Leung and Dianne Ygbuhay as the winners of the 2021 Endeavour Award. This award recognizes outstanding employees who consistently demonstrate exemplary performance in supporting their peers and co-workers.

Medea Augustine (Litigation Manager)

As the Litigation Manager in the Toronto office, Medea is a consummate professional who is invested in having everyone around her succeed. She is a team player who acts as a “go-to” for other staff.  Medea always has an engaging and supportive attitude and is willing to lend a helping hand to her coworkers despite having her plate full. Overall, Medea exhibits a positive and dedicated attitude towards her responsibilities and peers.

Annette Leung (Human Resources Coordinator)

In the Vancouver office, Annette is a hardworking and positive addition to the firm. She works extra hours on a daily basis to support Alexander Holburn, all with a smile on her face. Her positive attitude, professionalism, and friendly demeanor are appreciated amongst her peers.  Her efforts and hard work do not go unnoticed, especially when managing the many changes that come with the COVID-19 pandemic. She is always responsive and helpful, and a person her coworkers can depend on to give immediate assistance when needed.

Dianne Ygbuhay (Accounting Clerk)

Dianne is a dedicated individual at the Vancouver office who is integral to keeping the accounting department up and running. She regularly stays late to complete her duties and more, while helping to keep the file openings moving. Dianne goes above and beyond and works with a great attitude. Time and time again, she has stepped up to help the team by being flexible and takes on other duties when needed. Overall, Dianne works with a positive and collaborative attitude.

Alexander Holburn would like to congratulate these three individuals and thank them for their hard work and dedication to the firm.

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