Presented by: David McKnight and Chief Jason Brolund, West Kelowna Fire Rescue
Hosted By: 2024 MIABC Risk Management Conference

Facing the Flames: Understanding Fire Service Liability

On Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024, our Partner, David McKnight and Chief Jason Brolund, West Kelowna Fire Rescue, will speak at the MIABC Risk Management conference in Vancouver. Together, they will provide insights into what to expect during a lawsuit and the standard of care in addition to discussing response times, fire watches, overhauls, record keeping, debriefing and media reports. Additionally, they will explore and assess fire-related claims that have been defended on behalf of local governments. The discussion will include best practices for minimizing liability and addressing challenges specific to wildfires.

When determining whether a local government and their fire department, volunteer or otherwise, will be civilly liable for fire-related losses, the circumstances surrounding the implementation of fire services must be considered. Civil liability arises when a court answers the following questions in the affirmative:

  • Did the local government/fire department owe a duty of care?
  • Did the local government/fire department fail to observe the standard of care?
  • Did the breach of the standard of care result in damages?

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About MIABC Risk Conference

The MIABC’s annual Risk Management Conference is held each spring and is open to all staff of MIABC members, partners, First Nation and non-member local governments. The conference provides an overview of the basic tenets of risk management, as well as presentations and workshops on more advanced topics. The conference serves as a platform for gathering and exchanging knowledge, featuring a deliberately diverse agenda covering a wide range of topics, from technical, department-specific information to more universal themes. Best of all, it provides an excellent networking opportunity for attendees to make connections and socialize with their counterparts from other regions.

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