Hiring Foreign Workers:

Discussion of the Differences Between US and Canadian Immigration Laws and Application Procedures

This seminar will be moderated by Daniel Lee, Canadian Immigration Lawyer at Alexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP, and Douglas Cowgill, US Immigration Attorney at Cross Border Visas, U.S. Business Immigration Lawyers. This will be an opportunity to discuss immigration matters associated with mobile employee populations.

Daniel Lee and Douglas Cowgill will cover hot topics impacting global mobility, including:

  • When a Canadian can enter the US without the need for a Work Permit.
  • When an American can enter Canada without the need for a Work Permit.
  • When is a Work Permit required in Canada and the US.
  • What are the Work Permit application procedures and processing times in Canada and the US and the differences between the two countries.
  • How a DUI may affect admissibility into Canada and the US.
  • If a foreign national is inadmissible, can they still work in Canada and the US?
  • How can a foreign national transition from holding a temporary Work Permit to becoming a Permanent Resident?
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