America’s legal system has a reputation for being complex and expensive for businesses, so you want to be prepared when entering transactions and for avoiding litigation. How can you prevent your company from being taken to court? If your U.S. operation is sued, how can you prevent the lawsuit from affecting your Finnish company?

Legal experts from the United States and Canada are going to Amcham to answer questions and provide a side-by-side analysis of U.S. and Canadian markets. You’ll get useful information about the following subjects:

  • Drafting effective contractual agreements
  • Creating effective product warranties
  • Developing loss prevention programs
  • Current legal trends, such as cyber security and foreign supplier verification programs

Heather Devine, Partner and member of our firm’s Insurance, Business Disputes and Maritime Practice, and Hollis Bromley, Partner and member of our firm’s Insurance Practice, will be speaking at this event.

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