The Seven Stages

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.


Did you really think we would provide any advice without a disclaimer? Actually, the following is more of an explanation on the purpose of these materials than a disclaimer. Click here to read more.

Stage 1: Choosing Where to Article

Law students have many questions to consider when thinking about their articles. When should I start to think about what I want in a law firm? How do I choose a firm? What courses should I take in law school? We’ve put together our answers to these and some related questions in “Stage 1”.

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Stage 2: Articling Interviews

Students told us they would like more information on what to expect at, and how to prepare for, student interviews. Well, like all good lawyers, we certainly have our opinions! So we thought we’d share them with you in “Stage 2”.

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Stage 3: Managing Interview Week

Is there anything more hectic than student interview week? Not for us, either, quite frankly. So here is some information on what happens, why, and tips that might help you to be better prepared. You’ll find this information and advice in “Stage 3”.

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Stage 4: Choosing an Area of Practice

In this section, we discuss some aspects of the practice of law, particularly, how some areas of the law are categorized and operate in practice. While this discussion is only cursory, we hope it provides you with some insight to help you investigate and make more informed decisions about the areas of practice in which you are interested. More information on choosing an area of practice in “Stage 4”.

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Stage 5: Structure of Articling Year

In this section, we discuss how the articling year is structured. We have found that, because students are often so focused on finding a firm in which to article, they do not always have a good sense of what actually happens during this year. We hope this brief discussion provides you with an indication of what you can expect when you commence articles. Find out more about what the articling year is like in “Stage 5”.

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Stage 6: A Day in the Life of a Student

We often get questions from prospective articling students about what our students really do during their articles. Do our students spend most of their time researching? Do they interact with clients, lawyers, and staff? Do they work with one another? Do they have any fun amidst the new found challenges of legal practice?

To give you a first-hand view, we went right to the source. We asked our students to prepare a diary of one day spent in the office. The names have been removed to protect the innocent.

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Stage 7: Tips on How to Survive Your Articles

You have secured your articling job, finished law school, and are ready to start your legal career …now what do you do?

Although you’ve successfully navigated through three years of law school, many of your legal lessons just begin when you commence your articling year. Like anything new and somewhat uncertain, the prospect of starting work in a law firm can be stressful. In order to try to lessen that burden, here are our 20 tips on how to survive your articling year, from the mouths of our seasoned articling students.

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About Alexander Holburn

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Should you have any additional questions regarding our firm or our student programs, please feel free to contact Christine York, Director of Associate + Student Programs, who oversees our student recruitment.


An important aspect of Alexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP’s community outreach program is our emphasis on doing what we can to contribute towards education. We award a number of scholarships to students at various BC universities. These scholarships are awarded not just for academic excellence, but also to students who demonstrate a strong sense of community involvement. It’s our way of rewarding and mentoring the business leaders of the future. Find out more about our scholarships below.

Peter A. Allard School of Law (UBC)

The William M. Holburn, Q.C. Scholarship in Law

A $5,000 entrance scholarship is offered by Alexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP in honour of founding Partner, William M. Holburn, Q.C. The scholarship is awarded to a student entering the J.D. program who demonstrates academic excellence.

The Kenneth H. Crook Memorial Scholarship in Law
A $2,500 scholarship is offered by Alexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP in memory of their esteemed colleague and friend Kenneth H. Crook. Ken’s commitment to excellence in his practice and his display of courage and compassion throughout life’s challenges were an inspiration to all those who knew him. The award is made on the recommendation of the Faculty of Law to a student entering the second year of the J.D. program with high academic standing.

The Alexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP Prize in Torts
A $1,000 scholarship is awarded on the recommendation of the Faculty of Law to a student who achieves high standing in first year torts.

The Alexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP Scholarship in memory of Ernie Alexander, Q.C.
This $1,000 award is given to a student completing second year law, with high academic standing, who is in financial need and who demonstrates, by his or her involvement in student or community affairs, a concern for others.

University of Victoria Faculty of Law

The Kenneth H. Crook Memorial Scholarship in Law
(As per above.)

The Alexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP Entrance Scholarship in Law
The firm provides one or more entrance scholarships totalling $2,500 to a student or students entering the Faculty of Law. Awards are made upon the recommendation of the Faculty of Law.

The Alexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP Scholarship
The firm provides a $1,000 scholarship to a student completing the second year of the J.D. program who has achieved high academic standing and who has demonstrated the qualities required for the practice of law.

Thomspon Rivers University Faculty of Law

The Alexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP Scholarship

A $3,000 scholarship awarded annually upon recommendation of the Faculty of Law to a first year student who demonstrates overall academic achievement and has demonstrated professionalism and community involvement.

Various Universities – the Alexander Holburn/BC Soccer Scholarship

Alexander Holburn is proud to partner with BC Soccer’s Scholarship program by sponsoring the Alexander Holburn Scholarship. Through this program, we help further the education of players and referees wishing to proceed to post-secondary education, who might otherwise not have had the chance to do so. In total, 12 scholarships are awarded each year.

Aviation Student Scholarship

The Ernie Alexander Memorial Aviation Scholarship

In memory of the late Ernie Alexander, Q.C. and for his contributions to aviation in British Columbia, we are pleased to offer a $2,000 scholarship in his name. One of the founding partners of Alexander Holburn, Ernie was a talented trial lawyer, legendary pilot and valued educator who had a reputation as a charming individual. This award will be presented to an Aviation or Aerospace student who demonstrates achievement in his or her community and excels academically.