RIMS Canada Publishes Article by Bruno De Vita, K.C. and Marie Ong on a Denied Certification for Proposed Class Action Aimed to Confront Hockey’s Culture of Hazing and Abuse

Hockey’s Culture of Hazing

Bruno De Vita, K.C. and Marie Ong had an article published in the Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS) Canada National Newsletter titled, “Shot Blocked: Certification Denied for Proposed Class Action Aimed to Confront Hockey’s Culture of Hazing and Abuse.”

The article provides an overview of the dismissal of the certification motion for a proposed class proceeding against Canada’s four major junior hockey leagues and their 60 teams, in a case of Carcillo v. Canadian Hockey League, 2023 ONSC 886. The proposed class action involved allegations of institutional abuse, such as hazing, racism, homophobia, and sexual and physical abuse suffered by former and current junior hockey players who played in the Canadian Hockey League between May 8, 1975 and the present. The article highlights the challenges of addressing claims of institutional abuse through a class proceeding and the difficulties of advancing causes of action based on collective liability. The certification criteria were not met, and the Court suggested an “Individual Issues Protocol” as a realistic avenue for justice.

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