Did you really think we would provide any free advice without a disclaimer? Actually, the following is more of an explanation on the purpose of these materials than a disclaimer.

When we were considering how to revamp our recruiting materials, we sat down with our current articling students to find out more about their experiences during the recruiting and articling periods. We discovered that – although there were some excellent information sources available – law students were eager to find out all that they could about the recruiting and articling processes, especially from a law firm’s perspective. Hence, this section of our website was born.

We hope you find that our comments give you something to consider when you start thinking about your legal career, as that is our goal. We do have one word of caution before you read on.  Have you heard the cliché that, if you ask 100 different lawyers the same question, you will get 100 different answers? While not entirely true, different lawyers and firms will inevitably have their own “take” on the articling and recruiting processes. We have put together the following based on discussions with many of our lawyers and students, but these sentiments might not be shared by all in the legal community. There are many approaches you can take.

In our view, the best advice anyone can give you is to use your common sense and those excellent analytical skills you have acquired in law school to navigate through this process.  There will no doubt be times when you feel a great deal of stress, but do not lose sight of the fact that this is the beginning of an exciting career.  There is always room to have fun along the way.

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