2021 Difference Makers: Lisa Mackie, Toni Cartier, and Kelly Thomson

Difference Makers 2021

In recognition of International Women’s Day on March 8, our Women’s Forum took the time to acknowledge three women who make a difference every day at our firm. These individuals are recognized for their hard work and kindness, for going above and beyond to uplift others, for helping to accelerate gender equality and for putting in the work to mentor and guide young lawyers and staff. We are very excited to announce Lisa Mackie, Toni Cartier, and Kelly Thomson, as our 2021 Difference Makers.

Lisa Mackie (Partner, 2019/2020 Chair of the Women’s Forum)

Anyone who is lucky enough to know Lisa Mackie knows what a force she is within our firm. Since articling at the firm and building her career here, Lisa has repeatedly answered the call to volunteer and contribute what she can for the betterment of all. Over the past couple of years, Lisa has led the Women’s Forum, has volunteered her time on the recruitment committee, and has, during a difficult year for many, found a way to keep us all feeling connected through her weekly internal emails.

Lisa is consistently gives of her time, which provides a great window into the generous, caring, and kind person she is. She understands how to raise another person up and has inspired us to do the same throughout her career and most recently, through the pandemic. This week, in honour of International Women’s Day, we choose to recognize Lisa as someone who has made a difference to so many of us through her continued commitment to the firm.

Toni Cartier (Office Services – Hospitality)

Toni’s friendly demeanor and positive energy are a perfect fit for Alexander Holburn. She has been with Alexander Holburn for 15 years and has become a fixture at the firm. Toni was nominated as a Difference Maker not just because she is exceptional at her job, but for the way she consistently brings a positive attitude and faces any challenge with a smile. This year in particular, when faced with adversity and a lot of change due to COVID, Toni chose to tackle these challenges head-on.

Her perseverance and grit have come in handy during COVID, as she ensures we are all maintaining our proper distance, wearing our masks, and keeping us safe with the tireless job of sanitizing the firm. What makes all of this exceptional is that in all she does, Toni genuinely cares about the firm and the people in it. Her ability to pivot and remain a bright light has not gone unnoticed.

Kelly Thomson (Collections Coordinator)

Hard-working, driven, and effective; three words that describe the work ethic Kelly brings to her role every day. Managing and collecting significant amounts of accounts receivable can be thankless work and it takes a certain kind of person to persevere and stay on top of clients, staff, and lawyers to establish best practices internally, to keep track of and monitor payment and follow-up, and speak with lawyers and clients to identify and assess reasons for payment delay including, on occasion, disagreement with accounts.

Kelly does her job confidently and with much effort on her part, rolling up her sleeves and getting the job done on a weekly basis. Her results speak for themselves and the firm is in a better place with accounts receivables than it has been in years. Her work ethic sets a great example and is a reminder to all of us that being focused, goal-oriented, and single-minded in pursuit of excellence in what we do, whatever that job may be, gets impressive results. We can all learn from her approach.

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