Labour + Employment Webinar: COVID Continued

When will the challenges caused by the global pandemic be behind us? Apparently not before everyone is vaccinated! Join our lawyers as they provide insight on these current and important topics for human resources professionals:

Employer Rules – Mandatory Vaccinations

  • What are the risks for employers requiring employees to be vaccinated to attend the workplace?
  • How far can the employer go in mandating employees be vaccinated?

Privacy – Monitoring Work at Home and COVID Exposures and Symptoms

  • How far can employers go to ensure that employees working from home are performing their duties?
  • What information is an employee required to report to the employer regarding possible exposure or symptoms?
  • What are the remedies for a failure to report?

Accommodation – Family Status and Disability

  • What are the current statutory leaves, and how has the test for accommodating absences from work, or work from home, requests changed?

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