Heather Devine Featured in Truck News Article “Top trucking legal issues of 2022”

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Heather Devine, Partner was featured in a Truck News article “Top trucking legal issues of 2022” following her seminar at the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada (PMTC) 2022 Conference. The article by John G Smith provides a summary of her presentation at the PMTC event which detailed legal updates for the transportation industry and their implications for private motor truck carriers.

With years of representative experience in cross-border cases, Heather’s update also included information about legislation in the US, as noted by Smith in his article:

“Jury verdicts valued at more than US$10 million are a “great concern” across the border, Devine said. ‘They are disconcerting, and they are increasing.’ The good news for carriers which remain in Canada is that ‘non-pecuniary’ damages have been capped since a Supreme Court of Canada decision in 1978. Adjusted for inflation, the current cap is around $400,000. One strategy for protecting against such losses is to separate rolling assets from any other business assets, because plaintiffs might turn to corporations once available insurance is maxed out. ‘You can at least ensure that your liability is limited,’ Devine said.”

Other updates include the rise of electric vehicles, mobile app liability, and mergers and acquisitions.

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