Canadian Jewish Heritage Month: Janine Kroser

jewish heritage month janine kroser

May is Canadian Jewish Heritage Month and Asian Heritage Month. Throughout the month, we sat down with a few firm members to hear more about the stories that influenced who they are as professionals today.

Janine Kroser joined Alexander Holburn as Chief Operating Officer in 2019. She oversees the strategic, financial and business operations of the firm. Prior to joining our firm, Janine was the COO of another law firm in Vancouver.


Janine moved to Vancouver, British Columbia from South Africa after completing her LL.B. A newcomer in Canada in the 1990s, she credits her parents as her key influence.

“I am fortunate to name my parents as role models,” expressed Janine. “My parents are both hard-working, positive people who have modelled a strong work ethic for me.”

“A piece of advice from my parents I carry with me is ‘Always do your best and act with integrity. Don’t expect others to make things happen for you–make things happen for yourself.’ ” said Janine. “They always said ‘Never give up!'”

Today, she is a professional with over a decade of leadership experience in various industries.


In addition to family, Janine is also grateful to the Vancouver Jewish Community for helping her get to where she is today. “As an immigrant, I have been fortunate be the recipient of the community’s help when I needed it most.”

In Vancouver, the first Jewish community settled in Gastown and Strathcona in the mid-19th century. Most of the early population worked as small artisan or manual labourers.[1] As the population grew, organizations were also formed to serve the community.

“There are several organizations that support multiple programs that enhance Jewish life in Vancouver,” said Janine. “Many of the organizations I have been involved with focus on assisting those in need.”

Today, there are over 30 Jewish organizations in Vancouver. Services such as educational support for at-risk families, affordable counselling, and home support for seniors are common in these organizations.

“Being a part of the community that takes care of those in need, the sick, the elderly and at the same time promotes values that I hold close to me, makes me feel proud to be part of the community.”

Janine also hopes to instill those values in her family. “My children have attended the Jewish Day Schools in Vancouver as well as the summer camps. The Jewish Day Schools focus on the importance of community, giving back and kindness.”


Achieving fulfilment—whether it be in building a new life, cultivating community relationships, or growing a law firm—cannot come without putting in the work.

“I believe in having an owner mindset, being a team player and always going the extra mile,” said Janine.

An immigrant, active community member, and COO, Janine shared a simple piece of advice, “There is no substitute for hard work.”

[1] “The Rise of Jewish Life and Religion in British Columbia, 1858-1948”, The Scribe: The Journal of the Jewish Historical Society of British Columbia, p. 76

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