Hollis Bromley of Alexander Holburn will moderate a talk by members of The ARC Group Canada who will examine significant cases of interest from 2021. Join us for an in-depth, Canada-wide look at how these cases are shaping 2022 insurance claims.

Our speakers will cover both coverage and practical issues as they discuss cases of interest from across Canada such as:

  • SK | Whether an insurer is required to reimburse defence costs incurred by the insured prior to giving notice of a claim
  • ON | Insurance contract interpretation for exclusion clauses – breach of contract and claims arising prior to policy inception dates
  • BC | The application of the doctrine of promissory estoppel once an insurer has taken up the defence of an insured, and the scope of an insurer’s duty to investigate a claim
  • QC | Covid business loss claims
  • NL | The proper approach to interpreting the scope of a release (SCC case)
  • NB | When a claim is discoverable for the purpose of starting a limitation period (SCC case)

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About the ARC Group Canada 

Alexander Holburn is a member of The ARC Group Canada which is a network of independent law firms from across Canada who have come together with the goal of providing Canada’s insurance and risk management communities with professional legal services of the highest quality. Learn more about the ARC Group by visiting arcgroupcanada.ca.

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