Lisa Mackie featured in Lawyered – The Podcast


Lisa Mackie was featured in the latest episode of Lawyered – The Podcast. This segment focuses on the legal issues involved within the landlord-tenant dynamic as well as the changing role of human rights legislation and the relationship between tenancy law and affordable housing policy.

Listen to the full episode below:


  • What sorts of human rights protections apply within the tenancy law context? (7:18)
  • How can landlords balance protecting a tenant’s privacy rights while also managing the general health risk of a building? (16:42)
  • How can tenancy agreements be pre-emptively terminated in cases of household violence? (25:53)
  • What are some general tips that can help tenants and landlords to resolve disputes without resorting to protracted court hearings? (37:37)
  • Have you noticed any relationships between the changes in tenancy law and corresponding trends in affordable housing? (41:03)
  • Do you foresee any legal challenges that may arise out of COVID-related tenancy policies? (e.g. prohibitions on evictions) (44:24)
  • What are some of the areas in which you think tenancy law may be evolving within the next few years? (47:31)

About Lawyered – The Podcast

Lawyered is an independent podcast series that takes a critical look at current Canadian legal issues. Each episode features a conversation with a different legal professional who provides their insight on recent developments in their area of practice.

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