Michael Watt, Partner will be presenting with Stephanie Vellins, Partner at Harris & Company LLP at the 59th annual CPHR BC & Yukon Virtual HR Conference & Expo 2022. Their session will take place in person on April 27 from 1:55 PM – 2:55 PM PDT. In addition, their session will also be streamed virtually on May 5, 2022, at 1:45 PM PDT. Read more about their session below.

Drafting employment contracts and managing terminations of employment are two of the more challenging tasks HR routinely encounters. Though they involve the start and end of the employment relationship, both are interwoven such that steps taken at the outset of the employment relationship affect how the relationship will end. With care, parties can clarify expectations at the outset, minimizing strife and liability at the end.

This presentation will hone in on these critical phases of the employment relationship, ensuring that you leave with a strong grasp of:

  • Common oversights that affect the enforceability of employment contracts;
  • The difference in approach between offering written employment contracts to new versus existing employees;
  • Drafting critical terms to limit termination costs and liability;
  • Hazards and Pitfalls to avoid when ending the employment relationship;
  • Whether an investigation is required or not before ending employment;
  • How best to document the termination of employment, and whether you must provide reasons;
  • When, how, and why you may want to request a release of claims;
  • Tips for conducting the termination meeting and communicating an employees’ departure; and
  • Explaining Post-termination obligations.

Attendees will hear about the most recent case law in these areas, with the benefit of guidance from senior counsel.

To register and learn how you can receive CPD credits for this conference webinar, visit the CPHR website below.

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About the HR Conference & Expo 2022

The HR Conference & Expo 2022 provides a place for HR professionals to come together and connect on many levels (physically, mentally, emotionally) either in person or online. CPHR BC & Yukon is having their first true hybrid HR Conference & Expo, offering a return to a physical venue with an in-person audience as well as continuing to offer a virtual platform for online attendees to take in the sessions, networking and expo.

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